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This is the SmartyPants Class!

 Multiple Meaning Words Practice

Multiple Meaning Jeopardy

Online Practice Game #1

Online Practice Game #2

Mr. Anker's Multiple Meaning Words


Keyboard Typing Practice: Dance Mat Typing


Test your syllable skills HERE!


Punctuation Practice

Punctuation Paintball


Grammar Practice (nouns, verbs, adjectives)


Noun Dunk

Online Ad-Libs


Synonym Match Concentration

Synonym Toast (some tough words are used here!)

Synonym Hangman

Double Rhyme Match

Synonym Challenge

Synonym Match


Multiple Meaning Words

Homograph Jeopardy

Beginning Consonants

Word Families

Consonant Blends

Beginning Consonant Digraphs

Matching Beginning Sounds


Ending Consonants

Ending Consonant Practice

Ending Digraphs



Short A practice

Short E practice

Short I practice

Short O practice

Short U practice

Coconut Vowels - Coconuts with words in them fall to the beach. The student must match missing letters to the correct word coconut.  Use the missing letters to create words

Long and Short Vowel Match - Drag the correct vowel into the word to spell it correctly. - (Beware: there may be pop-ups.)


Practicing Sounds (Phonics)

Blending Dragon - Move your dragon with the mouse and catch the globes with real words. Choose the sound that you wish to work with.

Spellbound - See the word spelled correctly, then put the letters back in order after they are mixed up.

Look, Cover, and Spell - Practicing the spelling of words quickly. You can change the words from easy to hard levels.